Hello, my name is Pastor Kelly Howard. Welcome to Prevailing Truth’s Website. We are a Christian teaching and outreach organization. We are dedicated to communicating biblical truths in clear and effective ways, to help you experience wholeness and life transformation. Which will equip to become a mature, productive, and thriving follower of Jesus. I invite you to learn more about the God of Glory thru Word Study, Podcast as well as interact with using our Christ-Like Blog Forums. Our purpose here is to bring clarity to your questions, establish some guidance, and encourage you to continue to look to the God of Glory for all of life’s perplexities.
Prevailing Truth Ministries began in our home with my husband, Elder Delano Howard, and our five children in 2002. After establishing the ministry, we began having church services in a hotel and from there acquired a building. After many years of the struggles that come with building for the things of God we closed physical doors of the building, but not to ministry. With many years of preaching and teaching the word of God I continue to pursue after the will and purposes of the Master Builder the God of Glory! I am persuaded of the absolute of God’s working behind the scenes in your life. If you are here, it is because he has more for you. Let’s walk together to continue to follow the passions of the Lord in the earth. Pray for me as I pray for you until we see the Lord face to face.